We are very grateful for all of the support we have received.
Without this support this production would not be possible.

Special thanks to Mike Hughes who designed our web site, poster and print media.


Thanks to Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts for the use of their rehearsal space.


Thanks also to David Bamber, Neil Bartlett, Peter Capaldi, Richard Clifford, Judi Dench, Merryl Epstein, Teresa Graham, Teresa Harrison, Derek Jacobi, Sue Lefton, Ian McKellen, Dee McLean, Amanda Mitchell, Clarke Peters, Mark Rylance, Helen Spoudeas, Stephen Warbeck, Deborah Warner, Erica Whyman, Tom Wilkinson.


We are proud to be supporting SurvivorsUK with thanks to Katherine Cox



Thanks to the following who supported us through crowd-funding and also to those who wished to remain anonymous.


Roger Allam, Natalia Asheshov & Miles Johnston, David Banks, Chris Benstead, Ron Berglas, Jenny Biggs, Panda Blackshaw, Denise Blake, Laurence & Lesley Blumberg, Caroline Brain, Sally Burger & David Birch, Carolyn Pickles & Tark Butler, Claire Chalmers-Watson, Roger Chapman, Richard Clifford, Gail Coles, Diana Cormack, Liz Cowan, Marice Cumber, Marilyn Cutts, Vik Dave, Alan Dunnett, Bernard Eder, Gregg Egen, Pat Elliott, Christine Ellis, Merryl Epstein, Philippa Fallon, Krucoff Family, David Fielder, Amanda Finch, Peter Flannery, Jane Fleming, Beth Freedman, Michael Galler, Adam & Marguerite Galloway, Matthew Girling, Andrew Glendinning, Christopher Good, Ben Graham, David Graham, Helen Graham, Jane Graham, Poppy Graham, Cathy Grosvenor, Peter Hale, Richard Halvorsen, Vivienne Harris, Peter & Stephanie Herbert, Robert Hickson, John and Ali Horton, Ann Hunter, Roly Hunter, Haider Jaber, Nicholas Jeune, Tricia Kelly, Hannah & Phil Kohler, Pat Havemercy Leacock, Geoff Leesley, Hervé Lefrancois, Charles Leonard, Mick Ford, Judy Mackerras, Michele McDowall, Alex Moghissi, Bee Peak & Paul Cox, Chris Phillips, Mark Rosenthal, Mike Rossiter, Gez Sagar, Margie Simkin, Annie Smart, Hazel Smith, Julia Swift, Judy Townley, Nikki Townley & Caitlin Donovan, Johanna Vigilante, Suzie & Steve Vincent, Deborah Warner, Lesley Williams, Luci Yellon, Lucy Zanetti.

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