'Electrifying ... gem of a show ...'

The Times


'... I thought I would not see anything else so finely crafted, so movingly delivered for the rest of the fringe.'

The Observer


'Spellbinding and heart-tugging. My best hour at the Fringe this year.'

Audience Member


'… Hunter’s spellbinding, mesmerising, pitch-dark performance.  From the moment he steps on stage to his final bow, this reviewer was hooked for every second.

… inhabiting the role with an effortlessness I sincerely doubt many other actors would be able to match … this play is beyond measure one of the best of its genre.

It simply begs to be seen



'Remarkable success ... exquisitely enunciated, deft actions, focussed movements ...'

Broadway Baby

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'... moving with seemingly complete liberation ... beguiles belief that this could be anything but a modern day piece of theatre ... wonderfully adapted for the stage, it is performed in a way that will grip audiences from the very outset.'

Theatre Weekly

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'...I was left completely in awe at his performance.... It is one of the most incredible performances I've ever seen - an absolute masterclass of acting.  I give Christopher Hunter all the stars and any students of acting should go and see it....'

Always a Critic (Podcast - Edinburgh Special 2)

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'Christopher Hunter literally exploded into life in a highly strung, thundering performance that kept us enthralled from beginning to end. I can honestly say I have never seen anything quite like it before ... This is a bright hour of excellent, fast paced, passionate and exhilarating entertainment. A real treat!'


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'Wow. This was a real revelation ... this was so clear, so close up, that I felt inside the story. Christopher Hunter is amazing. It is funny and terrifying, and thought-provoking.'

Audience member


‘A disconcerting yet powerful tale'

Remote Goat

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' ... you cannot fail to be mesmerised by this powerful performance from Christopher Hunter. Totally compelling.'

Audience member


'You cannot take your eyes off Christopher Hunter. He forks you in the ribs and doesn't let you go ... Erotic, funny, dark and mesmerising, Shakespeare and Hunter do each other proud. You'll come out exhausted, thinking and a better person for it.'

Audience member

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